Friday, August 1, 2008

The love doctor is IN by Marylaine Viernes

Enough about political turmoil, economic faux pas and other gruesome realities! Love and Relationships are all that matter; today, I’d like to share a couple of letters and the words of wis-damn I’ve given with the help of my Ph.Care in Applied Animosity.

Case #1: Make Love, Not War!

Hi! I am a young bachelor and I recently met this exotic woman from Mindanao. Her name is Bangs Amoreaux, and she is the type known in pop culture as a MILF, or a ‘Moro I’d love to Front.’ Even if I know about her turbulent history, I still took a chance on her. But now I realized that this affair is a trap! She keeps on demanding so much time from me, asking about silly things ad nauseam, such as my ancestors, totally eating up my domain as an individual. I’ve tried breaking up with her but then she’s got a MOA against me! Like I’ve always feared, she’s raising hell and attacking me and innocent people too! She is a desperate terrorist now all because I wouldn’t agree to her demands, which are all within the MOA. How do I get out of this situation?

— Elmo N.S. Hisperon, Jr.

Dear Elmo,

You don’t get out of that situation. Be a man and deal with it. Understand that the biggest glitch you’ve committed was having a MOA with her. And this does not ensure protection for either of you; it only causes a bigger war. You tried to define the parameters of your territory, and then you asked for her hand yet she took the entire ARMM! The problem was that she asked too much and you had to give much more than your lawful authority to do so and in patent violation of the Constitution; I mean, of the relation.

The war you are experiencing right now is only the tip of the iceberg and the fa├žade of many past faults. And it will never stop unless right minds with pure intentions from your side and her side come together sans personal agendas and develop something that both sides would benefit from. Don’t let her go; you can’t afford to lose her—she is too rich! I say study everything then come to a compromise; hopefully things will turn out for the good of not just the two of you, but also the rest of us, especially those caught in the crossfire!

Case # 2: My wife’s


Hi there! Just call me Mickey, because I’ve been quiet as a mouse lately. So, the thing is, my wife and I have been having extreme problems. I have long accepted the fact that she will always be better than me and I’ll just always be trailing behind her notorious success! But then I learned that she had dug up her ballroom dancing shoes and is now back on her way to become a legendary Cha-cha dancer, which is her lifelong dream! She even has this imported feather-all dance costume, you know, it’s all made of feathers? What should I do to stop her mania? More importantly, how can I tell her that she doesn’t look good wearing feather-alls? This makes me want to resign!—Insincerely,


Dear Mickey,

I’ve heard about how your wife and her despicable amigas are dancing the Cha cha, even on railroads! I have to tell you that I am very much for feather-all-ized costumes, because they’re just right for the Filipino build. It’s time we turn feather-all! However, I do not think such a suit fits your wife as much as lawsuits do! She’ll end up looking like a crime minister! Tell her to just go for something else, like a transparency suit that will turn her invisible in the naked eye when people go chasing her after 2010. I agree with you that she must let go of her Cha cha mania for she has nothing but two left feet and there will be nothing left for us! Just talk to her while the rest of us pray for the fate of this country; I mean, of your relationship.

Oh, and about resigning, it’s too late now. She should have resigned a long time ago. And as for you, don’t think that you’re in anguish from being stuck with her when we’re the ones suffering while you’re having the time of your lies!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The 26K girls go back to Banker tonight

It was a fun filled yet difficult week for nominees Megan Young and two-in-one housemates Marylaine Viernes and Jen Da Silva. The three girls lived this week like it was their last, not knowing what the impact of their words and actions would be to the outside world. And finally, the public has decided that Kapamilya Deal or No Deal's notorious Banker should have his girls back.

Megan, Jen and Marylaine worked hard for the Kaishou Taishou play, the housemates's task for the week. And somehow they enjoyed the fruits of their labor by celebrating their victory with the rest of housemates for a day. However, one can clearly see on their faces how tensed and worried they are about tonight's outcome.

Unfortunately, Jen and Marylaine's continuous bickering seemed to be their down fall as they exited Kuya's house awhile ago. Marylaine held back the tears while Jen cried buckets as she hugged each of her housemates good-bye. Toni then went inside the house to fetch the 26K girls and present them once again to the outside world. The host also took this chance to embrace her co-host and now house guest Mariel Rodriguez.

As the girls emerged on the stage they were both welcomed by their loved ones. Their 2-week stay may have been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but for Marylaine and Jen the experience inside Kuya's house is something they will really treasure all their lives. Before Jen and Marylaine exited the stage though, they left their foot imprints at the very first Celebrity Walk of Fame. As for the voting results, Megan received 87.89% of the votes while Marylaine and Jen received only 12.11%.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The argument that ignited between the 2-in-1 housemates Jen and Marylaine

This afternoon, Uber also looked at the latest heated argument that ignited between the 2-in-1 housemates Jen and Marylaine.After a talk with Kuya, Marylaine decided to step up and defend herself from Jen's bullying.However, Jen retaliated on the words of her ex-26K mate.Is there still a chance for reconciliation between the two given that they are nominated for this week's eviction?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marylaine Fights Back

Marylaine told Jen that she felt insulted during the rehearsal when Jen kept on pointing out her mistakes. Marylaine further accused her ex-26K mate of making a story that most of the ladies in their group despised her. But Jen justified that during the rehearsal, she was also scrutinizing the others, hence, Marylaine has no right to claim that she's a target. However, Marylaine refused to allow Jen to twist the story, and another argument later exploded between the 2-in-1 housemates. The others told them to calm down, and Jen told Marylaine to shut up. But Marylaine answered back, saying that no one except Big Brother has the right to tell her what to do.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Megan Young, Marylaine Viernes & Jen Da silva the first nominees for eviction

Megan Young, Marylaine Viernes & Jen Da silva are the nominees for eviction last saturday night in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity 2 on the nomination night.

Megan got 7 pts. while Jen & Marylaine got a combined total of 15 points since Jen & Marylaine played as "Twin" so its a battle between Megan and 26K girls.

Megan was nominated by her housemates because of her attitudes called "Maarte" she always refused in things that she do not want. While the 26K girls Marylaine got the highest vote compare with Jen because many of marylaine's housemates observed that lahat ng gamit ng mga girls housemates ay ginagamit nya ng walang paalam.

Tinawag ni Big Brother ang dalawang 26K girls at inexplain kay Jen kung bakit siya'y nominated. Ito ay dahil kay Marylaine because they play as "Twin" so kung nominated si Marylaine ganun din si Jen. At dahil dito galit na galit si Jen kay Marylaine kasi gustong gusto ni Jen mag stay pa ng matagal sa Big Brother House.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Marylaine Viernes

Personal Data

  • Real Name: Marylaine Louise Viernes
  • Nickname: Marylaine
  • Origin:MakatiCity
  • Age: 21
  • Birthdate: September 29
  • Place of Birth:MakatiCity
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Occupation: 26K Girl
  • Sport: Wushu
  • Hidden Ambition: To fly
  • Claim to Fame: 26K Girl on Kapamilya Deal or No Deal 2nd Season
  • Achievements: 2004 Palanca Awardee for her Kabataan essay, Ms. Teen Philippines 2005
  • Charity: Advocates 4 Youth Foundation

Educational Background

  • Elementary: na
  • High School: na
  • College: na
  • Marylaine Viernes is a member of the 26K models who appear in the game show Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal. She also writes a column for the Manila Times. She was accused of being "bipolar" because, according to her, she was at one time nerdy, but also took part at activities such as the cheerleading squad. To make her introduction a bit of a surprise, she entered along with the rest of the 26K while that show's Banker took her supposed place.
  • She and Jen are dubbed as the "2-in-1 Housemate" where the two will be nominated as one unit.
  • Models are perceived as all beauty and no brains but 26K girl Marylaine defies this perception. Her family not being well-off, with her father an amputee, Marylaine strived for and received a full scholarship at the De La Salle University. Here she excelled greatly she was part of the pep squad, wrote for the school newspaper, became a consistent dean lister and even won a Palanca award.
  • Marylaine also writes for various magazines and is the spokesperson for Advocates for Youth, a youth group that advocates the fight for cervical cancer. Fondly called Leigh by family and friends, she describes herself as friendly, vivacious and very eloquent.